Apple UFO headquarters revealed: a chair is more expensive than iPhone x

Time: 2018-12-04 00:00:00

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[techweb report] Apple's $5 billion flying saucer headquarters has been completed. As a melon eater, people are eager to see what it looks like. I thought cook could take the global audience to the conference last autumn, but he didn't go into the flying saucer.

The apple headquarters, which was completed this year, embodies the combination of high technology and heroism everywhere. Among them, the price of an office chair alone shocked netizens.

The total cost of Apple park is more than 5 billion US dollars, and the office area is full of the feeling of being tall. The office facilities matching these scenes are also expensive. It is reported that one seat of Jonathan, the chief designer of apple, costs US $1185 each, which is higher than that of an iPhone x with the top.

The brand of the "trench inhuman" seat is Vitra Pacific, which costs $1185. The seat's designer said Pacific's design concept is quiet, while the curved shape can be integrated into any working environment.

This chair conforms to the principle of ergonomics, which can maximize the health of users and improve work efficiency. As one of the top technology companies in the world, Apple has reached a certain level.


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