Strict environmental protection requirements! A lot of failed factories are closed!

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From the end of last year, the most common words in the furniture industry include "price rise", "bankruptcy" and "environmental protection". Recently, the environmental protection group has new trends!

On March 3, 2017, in order to crack down on the environmental violations of furniture enterprises, Guangdong Zhongshan Dayong town environmental protection branch, together with the municipal environmental supervision branch, the municipal environmental monitoring station and Henglan branch, carried out a surprise inspection on furniture enterprises in Dayong town.

In this joint law enforcement inspection, 7 enterprises were inspected, including 2 registered, investigated and 1 sealed. The on-site monitoring was conducted on the emission of spray paint exhaust gas of 2 enterprises. Currently, the monitoring and analysis are in progress. If suspected to exceed the standard, the case will be filed.

Next, the Environmental Protection Bureau of the town will seriously investigate and punish the illegal acts of furniture enterprises through comprehensive investigation, surprise inspection, city town linkage and joint law enforcement of department linkage. We should guide, investigate, and shut down a number of environmental violations in order to effectively deter them.

Last year, furniture environmental protection began to crack down on many flowers

In the past 2016, the central environmental supervision combined with the region to rectify the environmental chaos. From November 28 to December 11, the five regions sent 11865 law enforcement personnel to inspect 5323 enterprises, urged 637 enterprises to rectify, filed 68 administrative penalties, shut down 793 enterprises, and fined 3.48 million yuan.

Beijing: more than 1200 enterprises stop production and limit production; Guangdong: the most severe storm of environmental protection! 53 unlicensed and unlicensed enterprises were banned in Foshan, 6 people were detained and 31 people were taken away for investigation in Shunde District; Chengdu: released the list of key monitoring enterprises of waste gas pollution sources, including Quanyou, Mingzhu and Shuanghu.

Location: Zhengzhou, Henan

February 28th. Ten days have passed since the supervision group of the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China entered Zhengzhou. In these ten days, it has focused on inspecting the key areas of environmental pollution. As the industrial cluster area of furniture industry, it has also become the focus of the environmental protection group.

The production power of the manufacturer has been cut off, the environmental protection group has visited and inquired, inspected the site, detained and fined the enterprises that violate the regulations. These are not groundless. I believe you have heard about which manufacturers have been detained and fined.

Manufacturers have to be afraid to start production day and night upside down. The backward production capacity and the strong demand for furniture in the peak season have formed a contradiction. With the deepening of environmental inspection, most manufacturers have been afraid to take chances.

Location: Laoyue, Foshan

At a spray factory in Laoyue Industrial Zone, the inspection team saw the notice "rest in the day, go to work at night" posted on the door, suspected that there was a greasy cat inside, and immediately began to inspect. The inspection team required the person in charge to show the environmental protection certificate, and found that the factory's supporting documents were complete.

In terms of wastewater treatment, relevant personnel took out pH test paper to test the sewage at the sewage discharge outlet, and found that part of the sewage was acid, so they took samples to check whether the sewage treatment facilities met the standards. If it fails to meet the standard, it shall be punished accordingly.

Location: Lecong Town, Foshan

In the inspection of Xiaoyong Industrial Zone, the inspection team found that one of the furniture factories had been found to be operating without a license before.

Therefore, Cui Weiguo, the mayor of Lecong Town, immediately demanded that the electric box of the factory be sealed up, that the power be cut off, and that they be forced to stop work, hoping that they could take this as a warning.

According to Xian Yingwei, deputy mayor of Lecong Town and director of the environmental transport branch, there are 1200 to 1300 factories in Lecong Town, mainly including furniture factories, electroplating factories and other village based industries. Therefore, in response to the problem of unlicensed business, they often join hands with the industrial and commercial departments to conduct surprise inspections and crack down on unlicensed businesses. "Now it's mainly night raids, from 11:00 to 3:4 a.m., leaving no place for these factories that don't comply with environmental laws."

Xian said that the next step is still to focus on furniture factories and electroplating factories, mainly inspecting dust, waste gas and wastewater, and continuing environmental protection work.

The investigation and punishment of environmental protection directly lead to the rise of raw materials, and the industry is facing a reshuffle

Just at the beginning of 2017, Foshan, Nan'an, Hebei, Shandong, Sichuan, northwest production areas and other production areas raised the trend of environmental protection price rise again. Most of the bathroom owners in most production areas fell into the dilemma of whether to increase the price in the cracks of cost pressure, profit halving and terminal sales pressure.

From February 15, the Ministry of environmental protection will go to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and other relevant provinces (cities) to carry out special air quality supervision in the first quarter of 2017.

From the end of 2016 to 2017, a large number of enterprises were forced to stop production or even close down due to strong environmental protection efforts, and the most direct cause was the increase of product cost and the delay of product delivery. Carton packaging shutdown, stainless steel shutdown, polishing shutdown, hardware manufacturing shutdown, coating shutdown

Anyway, the procedures are not perfect, there is pollution, shut down! Upstream suppliers have been in a state of instability. In this case, the channel supply is tightened, and a new round of price increase storm or another attack after the shortage. However, a series of effects of price increase are not known.

In just half a month, thousands of factories across the country have been shut down, and many new bosses have been pushed to the brink of death. Inspection, production suspension, rectification, query, apology, grievance "It's a big shock to the enterprise. We're all confused and confused." The head of a home furnishing enterprise told us that now we can only complete the transformation and resume production as soon as possible.

Environmental protection alarm rings and reform is imperative

Generally speaking, most of the enterprises affected this time are small-scale enterprises, with short preparation period and low bargaining power, so they are almost helpless to cope with sudden price increase. But for a certain scale of enterprises, the impact is not very big, but promote the further concentration of the industry.

For furniture enterprises, how to deal with the so-called "most severe" environmental impact?

Industry Association experts said that environmental protection rectification will accelerate the speed of industry shuffling, and also make the "transformation and upgrading" that has been mentioned more urgent. The situation of small and medium-sized enterprises will become more and more difficult. On the one hand, it is difficult to raise costs, finance, and environmental protection. On the other hand, the market competition is more fierce. Many enterprises have felt the trend of "the stronger, the weaker" polarization development. The strength of large enterprises in innovation, research and development, capital and other transformation and upgrading has made small and medium-sized enterprises out of reach. 

New areas such as customized furniture and smart home have sprung up. It is increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized traditional furniture manufacturing enterprises.

Environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction are the only way for the development of the whole environment. The core of development is the sustainable development mode of household enterprises, whether it is the carelessness of the government supervision department or the "asking for money but not for life" driven by the interests of enterprises. In the long run, the enterprises that can survive in the storm of environmental protection and governance must change their own planning layout, Strengthen brand building and strive to build its own core competitiveness.

According to Foshan Environmental Protection Bureau, environmental protection and economy are not contradictory conflicts. Environmental protection is not a killer. Environmental protection can help economic transformation and upgrading. Through emission trading, tax, credit, financial subsidies and other measures to encourage the green transformation of enterprises, to create a fair competition market environment for law-abiding enterprises, and to avoid the phenomenon of "bad money expelling good money" of environmental protection illegal enterprises. "Let environmental protection law-abiding enterprises earn both fame and fortune, and get real benefits."


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