What is oak and what is rubber

Time: 2020-10-11 12:00:47

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Oak, the botanical classification is in oak species;Oak tree, distributed in the northern hemisphere, mainly in North America, is common in white oak and red oak.

The botanical classification of rubber wood is in rubber tree;Rubber tree, the original Brazilian Amazon forest, the 19th century British will its transplant in Southeast Asia, rubber wood furniture raw materials from Southeast Asia.

The difference in price.Because oak lumber is our country is not common, the thing is rare the truth that is expensive, be opposite so to rubber wood furniture, its price wants a few more expensive.

Differences in the thickness of wood holes.The woodiness hole of standard oak is fine, woodiness ray is very clear, after inclined according to bright gable woodiness grain, touch has good simple sense, often be used to make oak floor, this also is known widely on market everybody, and the woodiness hole of rubber wood is thick, sparse, woodiness ray is become reticular.


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